Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry
2017, vol. 13, No 4, pp. 353-363     ( to contents , go back )

On Compact Super Quasi-Einstein Warped Product with Nonpositive Scalar Curvature

Sampa Pahan1, Buddhadev Pal2, and Arindam Bhattacharyya3

1,3Jadavpur University, Department of Mathematics Kolkata-700032, India

2Banaras Hindu University, Institute of Science, Department of Mathematics Varanasi-221005, India

Received August 24, 2015, revised September 27, 2016


This note deals with super quasi-Einstein warped product spaces. Here we establish that if M is a super quasi-Einstein warped product space with nonpositive scalar curvature and compact base, then M is simply a Riemannian product space. Next we give an example of super quasi-Einstein space-time. In the last section a warped product is defined on it.

Mathematics Subject Classification 2000: 53C20, 53B20.
Key words: Einstein manifold, super quasi-Einstein manifold, Ricci tensor, Hessian tensor, warped product, warping function.

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