Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry
2003, vol. 10, No 3, pp. 277-289    ( to contents , go back )

Connection between Euler hydrodynamics and charged fluid dynamics

E.A. Kuznetsov

Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics 2 Kosygin Str., Moscow, 119334, Russia

Received February 4, 2003


It is shown that the Euler hydrodynamics for vortical flows of an ideal incompressible fluid coincides with the equations of motion for a charged compressible fluid moving due to a self-consistent electromagnetic field. Transition to the Lagrangian description in a new hydrodynamics is equivalent for the original Euler equations to the mixed Lagrangian-Eulerian description - the vortex line representation. The correspondence with the charged hydrodynamics can be established also for the Euler equations for compressible fluids without pressure. This allows one to construct exact solutions for the charged three-dimensional hydrodynamics.

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