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I. Chyzhykov and Yu. Kosaniak

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  Asymptotic Behavior of Fractional Derivatives of Bounded Analytic Functions (107-118)


M.S. Filipkovska, V.P. Kotlyarov, and E.A. Melamedova (Moskovchenko)

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  Maxwell-Bloch Equations without Spectral Broadening: Gauge Equivalence, Transformation Operators and Matrix Riemann-Hilbert Problems (119-153)


M. Goncharenko , L. Khilkova

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  Homogenized Model of Non-Stationary Diffusion in Porous Media with the Drift (154-172)


V.N. Levchuk

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  On One Class of Non-Dissipative Operators (173-194)


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  The eightieth birthday of Evgeniy Yakovlevich Khruslov (195-195)

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