Z. Bendaoud , S. Kupin , K. Toumache , B. TourĂ© , R. ZaroufDownload 388662 byte View Abstract  
  Toeplitz Operators with Radial Symbols on Bergman Space and Schatten-von Neumann Classes (3-26)  

  Bilel KhamessiDownload 360218 byte View Abstract  
  Fractional Boundary Value Problem on the Half-Line (27-45)  

  Nikolay NessonovDownload 294032 byte View Abstract  
  A Nonsingular Action of the Full Symmetric Group Admits an Equivalent Invariant Measure (46-54)  

  Sasha SodinDownload 322140 byte View Abstract  
  On the Number of Zeros of Functions in Analytic Quasianalytic Classes (55-65)  

  Fairouz Zouyed , Souheyla DebboucheDownload 1322685 byte View Abstract  
  An Iterative Regularization Method for a Class of Inverse Boundary Value Problems of Elliptic Type (66-85)