B.N. ÖrnekDownload 206570 byte View Abstract  
  The Carathéodory Inequality on the Boundary for Holomorphic Functions in the Unit Disc (287-301)  

  M.M. RahmatullaevDownload 200077 byte View Abstract  
  On Weakly Periodic Gibbs Measures of the Potts Model with a Special External Field on a Cayley Tree (302-314)  

  R. Yeğin , U. DursunDownload 263738 byte View Abstract  
  On Submanifolds of Pseudo-Hyperbolic Space with 1-Type Pseudo-Hyperbolic Gauss Map (315-337)  

  D. ZakoraDownload 252720 byte View Abstract  
  On the Spectrum of Rotating Viscous Relaxing Fluid (338-358)  

  S. ZaimDownload 224293 byte View Abstract  
  Noncommutative Space-Time of the Relativistic Equations with a Coulomb Potential Using Seiberg{Witten Map (359-373)  

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  In commemoration of Igor Dmitrievich Chueshov (374-377)  

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  Author index to volume 12 for year 2016 (378-380)