Steven DuplijDownload 779087 byte View Abstract  
  Arity Shape of Polyadic Algebraic Structures (3-56)  

  Larissa Fardigola , Kateryna KhalinaDownload 528995 byte View Abstract  
  Reachability and Controllability Problems for the Heat Equation on a Half-Axis (57-78)  

  Alexander Il'inskii , Sofiya OstrovskaDownload 309841 byte View Abstract  
  On Lin's Condition for Products of Random Variables (79-85)  

  Vladimir Rovenski , Tomasz ZawadzkiDownload 570873 byte View Abstract  
  The Einstein{Hilbert Type Action on Pseudo-Riemannian Almost-Product Manifolds (86-121)  

  László Székelyhidi , Seyyed Mohammad TabatabaieDownload 327000 byte View Abstract  
  Invariant Subspaces on KPC-Hypergroups (122-130)  

  Yevgeniia A. YevgenievaDownload 435649 byte View Abstract  
  Propagation of Singularities for Large Solutions of Quasilinear Parabolic Equations (131-144)  

  Download 205666 byte   
  The Talk by Naum Illich Akhiezer Dedicated to the 175th Anniversary of Kharkiv University (145-149)  

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  The 60th Birthday of Mariya Volodymyrivna Shcherbina (150-151)