P. AhmadiDownload 341587 byte View Abstract  
  Cohomogeneity One Dynamics on Three Dimensional Minkowski Space (155-169)  

  Andriy Bandura , Oleh SkaskivDownload 422437 byte View Abstract  
  Analog of Hayman's Theorem and its Application to Some System of Linear Partial Differential Equations (170-191)  

  Alexander A. BorisenkoDownload 294066 byte View Abstract  
  On the Structure of Multidimensional Submanifolds with Metric of Revolution in Euclidean Space (192-202)  

  Mariya Goncharenko , Eugen KhruslovDownload 425946 byte View Abstract  
  Nonlocal Elasticity Theory as a Continuous Limit of 3D Networks of Pointwise Interacting Masses (203-224)  

  Yongxia Guo , Guangsheng WeiDownload 320354 byte View Abstract  
  Inverse Scattering Problems with the Potential Known on an Interior Subinterval (225-238)  

  Nosir Khatamov , Rustam KhakimovDownload 397324 byte View Abstract  
  Translation-Invariant Gibbs Measures for the Blum-Kapel Model on a Cayley Tree (239-255)  

  Andrey Piatnitski , Volodymyr RybalkoDownload 390204 byte View Abstract  
  Singularly Perturbed Spectral Problems in a Thin Cylinder with Fourier Conditions on its Bases (256-277)  

  Dae Won Yoon , Zühal Küçükarslan YüzbaşıDownload 297263 byte View Abstract  
  Tubular Surfaces with Galilean Darboux Frame in G3 (278-287)  

  A.A. BorisenkoDownload 710698 byte   
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