Mohamed Tahar Kadaoui Abbassi, Noura AmriDownload 430827 byte View Abstract  
  Natural Ricci Solitons on Tangent and Unit Tangent Bundles (3-29)  

  Fatima Berrabah, Mahdi Boukrouche, Benaouda HediaDownload 401128 byte View Abstract  
  Fractional Derivatives with Respect to Time for Non-Classical Heat Problem (30-53)  

  Yuliya Gorban, Anastasiia SoloviovaDownload 399977 byte View Abstract  
  Entropy Solutions of the Dirichlet Problem for Some Nonlinear Elliptic Degenerate Second-Order Equations (54-78)  

  Hari Krishan Malhotra, Lalit Kumar VashishtDownload 363971 byte View Abstract  
  Unitary Extension Principle for Nonuniform Wavelet Frames in L2(ℝ) (79-94)  

  V.A. Marchenko, A.V. Marchenko, V.A. ZolotarevDownload 390233 byte View Abstract  
  On a Spectral Inverse Problem in Perturbation Theory (95-115)