Ievgenii AfanasievDownload 481957 byte View Abstract  
  On the Correlation Functions of the Characteristic Polynomials of Real Random Matrices with Independent Entries (91-118)  

  Jan-David HardtkeDownload 378057 byte View Abstract  
  On Certain Geometric Properties in Banach Spaces of Vector-Valued Functions (119-137)  

  Anna Kravchenko , Sergiy MaksymenkoDownload 522992 byte View Abstract  
  Automorphisms of Cellular Divisions of 2-Sphere Induced by Functions with Isolated Critical Points (138-160)  

  Najma Mosadegh , Esmaiel AbediDownload 340981 byte View Abstract  
  Biharmonic Hopf Hypersurfaces of Complex Euclidean Space and Odd Dimensional Sphere (161-173)  

  Symon SerbenyukDownload 343393 byte View Abstract  
  Certain Functions Defined in Terms of Cantor Series (174-189)  

  Noura SidhoumiDownload 293307 byte View Abstract  
  Ricci Solitons of Four-Dimensional Lorentzian Damek-Ricci Spaces (190-199)  

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The 60th Birthday of Iryna Yevgenivna Egorova (200-200)