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  Introduction (207-207)  

  Yuriy AminovDownload 334824 byte View Abstract  
  On Isometric Immersions of the Lobachevsky Plane into 4-Dimensional Euclidean Space with Flat Normal Connection (208-220)  

  Alexander A. BorisenkoDownload 271503 byte View Abstract  
  An Estimation of the Length of a Convex Curve in Two-Dimensional Aleksandrov Spaces (221-227)  

  Ekaterina Bratus , Leonid PasturDownload 1628843 byte View Abstract  
  The Dynamics of Quantum Correlations of Two Qubits in a Common Environment (228-262)  

  Alexandre Eremenko, Andrei GabrielovDownload 430714 byte View Abstract  
  The space of Schwarz-Klein spherical triangles (263-282)  

  N.V. KrylovDownload 281891 byte View Abstract  
  About Pogorelov's Method and Aleksandrov's Estimates (283-290)  

  Vitali Milman, Liran RotemDownload 412493 byte View Abstract  
  Novel View on Classical Convexity Theory (291-311)  

  Emilio Musso, Lorenzo Nicolodi, Filippo SalisDownload 2784087 byte View Abstract  
  On the Cauchy-Riemann Geometry of Transversal Curves in the 3-Sphere (312-363)  

  Alexander YampolskyDownload 702600 byte View Abstract  
  On Projective Classification of Points of a Submanifold in the Euclidean Space (364-371)  

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Notes from the History of the Kharkiv Mathematical Society

Biographical Sketch of Aleksei Vasilyevich Pogorelov (372-375)