Manuscript submission

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically. Submitting the paper to the JMPAG, the authors thereby confirm that the work described has not been published before and that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else and also accept the Copyright Transfer Agreement. The electronic version of the manuscript should include:

The papers should be written in English and prepared both in the LATEX- and the PDF-formats. Please submit first only the pdf-file by e-mailing it to Upon acceptance the tex-file of the manuscript should be also e-mailed to the same address. The authors affiliated in Ukraine should also send a separate file (not inserted in the main file of the paper) with the article title, abstract of the paper, and key words in Ukrainian. English and Ukrainian versions should be identical.

Please use the JMPAG template (the files jmpag.sty, template.tex, and template.pdf) to prepare your tex-file after the paper is accepted by the JMPAG. You should put the files jmpag.sty and template.tex in the same folder to work correctly. For detailed instructions in LATEX see, e.g., or Please open both files template.pdf and template.tex and read carefully all information in them including details proceeded by % sign (in the tex-file). In particular, you should set the title of the paper, names of the authors, their affiliations, addresses of affiliations, and e-mail addresses just after \begin{document} and before \BeginPaper. After the command \BeginPaper you may put your own macros if you need. Note that using commands of the type \def, the command \renewcommand and other \renew... are not allowed. Next, you should give the abstract of the paper (at most 12 lines), key words (at most 3 lines), and 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification codes. After that you may begin the text of your paper. Please note that the footnotes are not allowed throughout the paper. Using cross-references is mandatory. It may require two or three PDFLATEX compilations for the references to show up correctly. Please use cross-references to all enumerated elements (equations, sections, figures, theorems, etc.) in the following way. The command \label{label-name} should be used to assign the identifier "label-name" to an element. The command \ref{label-name} or \eqref{label-name} references the object you have marked before. The command \bibitem{label-bibitem} should be used to assign the identifier "label-bibitem" to a citation. The command \cite{label-bibitem} or \cite[text]{label-bibitem} cites the item you have marked before. Please list your references in alphabetical order and place it at the end of the paper using the samples from template.tex. The command \EndPaper is the last one before \end{document}. Note that you should run PDFLATEX procedure of compilation for the pdf-file to show up correctly. Thus you obtain the pdf-file directly without dvi-file.

The authors will receive proofs and are requested to make the necessary corrections and return them at their earliest convenience.