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Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry publishes original articles and reviews on important problems of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry. The main subjects of the Journal are:

  • mathematical problems of modern physics
  • complex analysis and its applications
  • asymptotic problems of differential equations
  • spectral theory of operators including inverse problems and their applications
  • geometry on large and differential geometry
  • functional analysis, theory of representations and operator algebras including ergodic aspects.
  • Manuscript of the paper should be submitted in electronic version and contain:
    - article title, the author's abbreviated first and patronymic (if any) names, and last name, abstract (at most 10 lines) written in Russian, Ukrainian and English;
    - complete postal address of the affiliation where the work was done, e-mail address;
    - keywords and MSC2010 - the 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification (see

    Electronic version of manuscript must be prepared both LaTEX2e and PDF. E-mail PDF-file to When accepted the LaTEX2e file of the manuscript should be e-mailed. Manuscript prepared in LaTEX2e format must be a single file. The file should begin with the command \documentclass[11pt]{article} and the page width should be 135 mm and its length 196,5 mm. Authors are requested to use only standard style packages (amsmath, amssymb, amsfonts, latexsym, amsthm, amscd, euler, epsfig, graphics), introduced by the command \usepackage{name} as well as language packages (babel, fontens, inputenc) and not to use the commands \input{name}, \include{name} for loading additional files.

    Headings Theorem, Lemma, Proposition, Definition, Corollary should be typed in boldfase, corresponding formulations in italic, and headings P r o o f, R e m a r k, E x a m p l e with spacing.

    The numbers of displayed Equations should be on the right of the text.
    Graphical file of figures are to be CDR or EPS files.
    References should be given at the end of the paper, following the example below.

    [1] A.I. Medianik, On Existence of a Regular Hypersimplex Inscribed into the (4n – 1) - Dimensional Cube. – J. Math. Phys., Anal., Geom. 2 (2006), 62-72.

    [2] I. Egorova and L. Golinskii, On Location of Discrete Spectrum for Complex Jacobi Matrices.– Proc. AMS 133 (2005), No. 12, 3635–3641.

    [3] A.A. Goldberg and I.V. Ostrovskii, Distribution of Values of Meromorphic Functions. Nauka, Moscow, 1970. (Russian)

    [4] H. von Dreifus, On the effects of randomness in ferromagnetic models and Schrödinger operators. Ph. D. Thesis, New York University (1987).

    The manuscript should de signed by all the authors, and at the end there should be indicated the author to be contacted to.

    The author will receive proofs and is requested to make the necessary corrections, sigh them and return within a short time.

    Submission of a paper to the Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry implies that the work described therein has not been published before (except in the form of an abstract), that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and it will not be submitted elsewhere unless it has been rejected by the editors of the Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry.